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While breeding to the CFA standard for top quality show prospects is our goal, pet quality kittens will be available to approved homes though there may be a wait.  6 months to a year is our typical wait time unless one comes available immediately.

Pet quality - all litters are show quality, however, one may exhibit the preferred qualities for show and or breeding.  We cant show everything we produce, so those we wish to place are pet quality, not for breeding or showing.


Our kittens are raised in a family environment.  They are accustomed to seeing other adult cats in our home.  They are not raised with children and we prefer older children when placing them in a family environment.  We expect our owners to sign a contract agreement to our minimum terms.


Statement on Allergies:  It is true the Russian Blue has a lower protein in the dander that may cause allergies in some people, however, one will not be rid of allergy symptoms.  It depends on the person and their experience with allergies in general.  Some people can live with a russian blue that experiences allergies and others cannot.  You would need to deal with your allergies.  They are not hypoallergenic as the internet may lead you to believe. Our goal is our kittens go to forever homes and do not have to be rehomed.


We do feel a great sense of responsibility when place our kittens in new homes:


  • Kittens are available around 4 months old 

  • Kittens are neutered and spayed prior to placement as part of the price.

  • Kittens are vaccinated prior to sale with a health record provided, rabies vaccination included.

  • Registration to CFA.

  • Health guarantee is provided as part of the agreement owners sign.



We do not ship kittens.  All owners are expected to arrange delivery in person.

We are not able to fulfill all requests for kittens as we are a small cattery only 

producing 3-4 litters per year.

Kittens below are from prior litters.

Adult Retired Russian Blues

Occasionally I will have retired breeders or show cats available that need a loving home.  If interested in an adult please check back for updates at this location.


Female From Karena's litter



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