Russian Blue Kittens are subject to availability.  If interested in a kitten please contact me:

Valarie Williamson


Carthage, Texas 

When contacting Valnika, please include information about yourself, experience with Russian Blues and other breeds and why you want to buy a Russian Blue kitten.  Im less likely to respond to ' do you have any kittens and how much?'  We begin the process with email introductions where we begin conversations.  At some point prior to sale a phone conversation is desired.  

Pet quality - all litters are show quality, however, one may exhibit the preferred qualities for show and or breeding.  We cant show everything we produce, so those we wish to place are pet quality, not for breeding or showing.  These kittens go to loving homes.

Please visit the kitten page for more detailed information!

If we do not have kittens, we recommend breeders listed on the Russian Blue Fanciers breed list.  These breeders are reputable.

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